Federally Mandated Health Care

Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Warren wants Republicans to explain the repeal of the ACA (Obamacare).

It’s not hard to explain. Healthcare is simply not a constitutionally mandated function of the federal government. It is a power grab used by federal politicians to garner votes.

Under our constitution, healthcare is supposed to be handled by a free market with regulations to prevent abuse. If government management is considered appropriate by the electorate, it is to be handled on the state or local level. The problem with big-government aficionados like Warren is that they can’t imagine a successful approach other than their own, even when it is failing.

In the past, when my income was low, much better healthcare was available to my family at 1/5 of the price of a minimal plan in the current system. State subsidies were also available for my children. The purchase was my choice.

Simple market economics of supply and demand show that highly subsidized forced purchases raise demand unnaturally and prices rise/quality decreases accordingly, as we have seen recently in the extreme.

I had to switch to an “Obamacare” plan last year. No, I couldn’t keep my doctor, I pay out-of-pocket for the ones I choose to keep (it hardly matters because the deductible is so high), and the only real use I have for it is if I develop an extreme or chronic illness.

My questions to both parties in the U.S. Congress are, “Why perpetuate a failing healthcare system? And why did you allow it in the first place?”


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