Politics, Religiously

trump_phi.jpgA Completely Different Perspective On Trump’s Presidency

Some very interesting points made in the article. I’m not sure what the main point is… seems a bit like a libertarian/anarchist manifesto.

As a frustrated libertarian, I would be all in, except for the canned excesses of human nature. We’ve pretty well proven the necessity of rule of law in some form to avoid feudalism and the minimization of economic power conglomerating to the impoverishment of the hoards.

The idea of government by the people, of the people, and for the people, with the addition of relatively free markets, was a revolutionary step in that direction. It obviously only went so far, yet farther than most. Huge numbers of people found their way out of abject poverty all around the globe.

The point of a larger controlling mechanism than electoral politics at play is poignant. It was very successful in providing us with a president who is “outside the system”, yet thoroughly an insider at the same time.

Still, the point of politics-worship is well taken. Far too many of my friends struggle to communicate with those of different viewpoints. Some “reach out” but speak like flame-throwers. Others go completely tribal, refusing to associate with the “other side”. These are people who were once friends.

The idea that external politics will never solve the identification of the soulful self? I couldn’t agree more. Five shots of activism, please. Gotta keep the focus on external things I have little control over. It numbs the pain of not really knowing who I am.


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