Jesus and Politics

It is a vexing problem in a democratic society… especially when the moral compass of that society points to a mindset that accounts as acceptable, anything that benefits the individual, legal or illegal, ethical or unethical, as long as the individual does not get caught. When even the leaders accept this mindset, our choice is to vote for the perceived lesser of two evils, or disengage from the system out of disgust. That is a classic lose-lose-lose situation. The only ones who benefit are those in control… the same ones who rigged the game. What about labels?

Liberal? Jesus was liberal. Liberal means willing to change the current norm. Jesus railed against many of the norms of His day.

Conservative? Jesus was conservative. Conservatism seeks to retain old ways. Jesus held tight to all of the Law and the Prophets, equated debt to slavery, and advocated official holidays that were established 1400 years before His advent!

Socialist? No WAY? Well… yes way! Jesus advocated giving one’s wealth to the poor. He didn’t recommend that the government get involved though, so that simplifies things a bit.

Free-Market Capitalist? Well… He did teach that a businessman should be able to pay whatever wage he chooses to whomever he chooses. He also advocated capital investment for capital gain.

Libertarian? He advocated all I just spoke of but gave each person the freedom to accept or reject any of these things.

Authoritarian Monarch? King of Kings. Lord of Lords. Mighty God. Need I say more?

What would Jesus do? How would Jesus vote? I can’t give a simple answer to that. He apparently saw virtuous potential in a variety of political philosophies but given the current level of greed and corruption in our governing institutions, I’m pretty sure he would be on the verge of turning over tables and chasing the rascals out with a whip. Pray, and vote where you find peace. Will voting prayerfully solve the dilemma? No. But it helps.


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