The Good Ones

They kill the those who stand in their way

Speaking words only for the moment

Honoring them only when it serves themselves

They are warlike

Toiling day and night to make more weaponry

Pondering new designs and new ways to use them

They make an arrogant boast

But live in fear, binding those among them

For looking or acting like their distant enemies

They use their great wealth to make alliances

To crush the uncooperative in squalor and isolation

While plundering their land and dashing even the children upon the rocks

Behind a veil of piety

Their ravenous appetite devours

The poor pray their land goes unnoticed

Their raiding not bred of poverty

It is lust for power and wealth

And compounds misery to the powerless

They make art of hypocrisy

Crafting speech of liberty and reform

Only for those who oppose them

They extol the virtue of law

Vomiting legislation profusely to confuse the masses

Making criminals of their rivals while choosing which laws they will abide

They decide wealth or poverty for millions

With stroke of a pen or utterance of command

Behind closed doors, in secret places, at wee hours

Tolerating no dissenting voice

They are the Mongols, the Huns,

The Romans, the Vikings, the Persians, the Egyptians,

The Arabs, the Japanese, the British, the Assyrians,

The Russians, the Turks, the Chinese, the Spanish,

The Babylonians, the Americans, the Dutch, the Medes,

The Germans, the Mexicans, the Indonesians, the Greeks,

The French, the Colombians, the Cambodians, the Israelis.

Thank God we are not like them.

Thank God we are the good ones.


©1998 Dennis McClendon

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