About Me

Hailing from a small town in west-central Florida, I am a 13th-generation American of Anglo-Celtic-Norman ethnic heritage. My spouse of over 30 years is a 1st-generation citizen of the U.S.A. Her ethnic heritage starts in the Philippine Islands, and includes Spanish and Chinese heritage. Our children are, of course, multi-ethnic. One of our grandchildren adds Cuban ethnicity to our ethnic buffet. We all live within a mile of each other and we spend much time together.

Though my family traditions are rooted in Protestantism, I was raised agnostic. At the age of 22, I experienced a profound and lasting encounter with the god of my Protestant forebears. Since that time, I suppose I could be called a charismatic Christian. That is, one to who has accepted the truth that Jesus sacrifice covers the flaws that separate one from God, who strives to live life as Jesus Christ taught, and one who believes in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the active influence of God in daily life.

My political sensibilities lie along the traditional American lines of libertarian democracy, though my understanding leads me to believe that pure, temporal, libertarian anarchy is not realistic due to the propensity for humanity to amass power among small groups of people, using that power to enrich themselves and oppress those who can be used to that end, or those who oppose such tyranny.

My trade is graphic design. I love great literary work and artistic expression in all of its forms. I love the wonder of the creation and the ability to create and interpret the natural environment, ideas, and any communication that leads to respect and understanding, whether among like minds or diverse ones.