Dennis II and Margaret

2nd-Generation – Dennis II and Margaret

In 1700, at the age of 20, Dennis II was the first to marry, to a young woman named Margaret Early who was three years his junior. This marked the start of a very close relationship between the Bush and Macklendon families. More on the Bush family is coming up.

3rd-generation – children of Dennis II and Margaret and their locations at their demise:

  • Dennis (III) b: 1702 Perquimans, NC d: 1784 Camden Kershaw, SC
  • John b: abt 1704 d: abt 1770 Duplin Co., NC
  • Mary b: 1705 Perquimans, NC d: 1727 Bertie County, NC
  • Elizabeth b:1706 Perquimans, NC d: 1762 Johnston NC

Dennis III and his sister Elizabeth moved south and soutwestward with their families, along common migratory patterns of the English settlers following the Tuscarora and Yamasee conflicts (more on those below).

Dennis III married Mary Dunn in or before 1729 and had six or seven children from 1729 to 1748. Records vary. Here is the most complete and reasonable record. There is scant information available regarding the movements or death dates/places of these children.

Records of John are scant and contradictory, but he seems to have lived in the area of New Hanover and Craven Counties. The birth of his third (of seven) children is recorded in Anson County (near modern Charlotte) in 1733, but then at least two more children are born in Craven County as late as 1740. The sixth child is Simon McClendon, the first McClendon to migrate to Tennessee, and a forefather of my living family. John died in Anson County in 1784, at the age of 78/9. John signed a will in 1784 that names five children, omitting Lewis and Jesse. In that will he parceled out his 1,650 acres of land, in Anson and Cumberland Counties, North Carolina, along the Pee Dee and Little rivers, to the five children. Of that land, 100 acres were left to Simon McClendon, in Cumberland County, on the lower side of Little River, about one mile above Shaddock’s Creek, above the land where John’s home was located.

4th Generation – Children of John, son of Dennis II, and Mary

  • Ann b: 1728 Perquimans, NC d:? ?
  • Lewis b: abt 1730 New Hanover Co., NC d: ? ?
  • Dennis b: 1733 Anson Co., NC d: ? ?
  • Samuel b: abt 1734 Co., NC d: ? ?
  • Rebecca b: abt 1735 Co., NC d: ? ?
  • Simon b: abt 1736 Craven Co., d: Apr 1809 Davidson Co., TN
  • Jesse b: 1740 Craven Co., NC d: 1727 Bertie County, NC

Simon’s Migration to Tennessee

Simon is the patriarch of the northern Tennessee branch of McClendons, from which my family descends.

Offspring of Dennis II and Margaret

3rd-generation Mary, daughter of Dennis II, married a fellow by the name of J. Albertson, but died young and childless of unknown cause at the age of 22 in the same area of her birth.

3rd-Generation Elizabeth, daughter of Dennis II, married John Maxwell, had 11 or 12 children, and raised them in Craven, Dauplin, and Cumberland Counties, about 100 miles southwest of her place of birth. A couple of these children ended up in Georgia (one in Jones County, north of Macon; the other just “somewhere in Georgia”), one moved to Indiana, several stayed in North Carolina near their birthplace, and yet several others lack death dates/places in the record.

Known descendants of 2nd-gen Dennis (b: 1680), along with their spouses, number over 550 and can be found here.

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